Starter Kits


As we want both seasoned as well as amateur readers to be able to access our blog and the materials we publish, we have created certain ‘Starter Kits’ for a few social sciences. These kits contain foundational readings, which will help users of our blog clarify any doubts that they might have regarding concepts or theories that they are not familiar with. We have tried to include advanced readings as well, for those more well versed with the field. We hope you gain some value from these!

Starter Kit for Sociology

The study of social life, changes and causes – sociology looks at human behavior and interaction. Law and sociology are closely related since law governs

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Starter Kit for Psychology

Psychology plays an important part in regulating behaviour – which is most of what law does. Law needs to deal with and understand human society,

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Starter Kit for Political Science

Political science is a social science that primarily engages with the theory and practice of political activities, institutions, thoughts, and behavior in and around government

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Starter Kit for Philosophy

The discipline of philosophy has been central to intellectual discourses throughout ages. All of history testifies to the fact that we humans have continually tried

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Starter Kit for Economics

There is significant interaction between the study of economics and with law and policy formation. While private law aids individuals and groups willing to enter

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