Eklavya Foundation

The LHSS Eklavya Partnership provides training and mentorship to law entrance aspirants from marignalised communities across India. Dedicated teams of student volunteers from MNLU Mumbai prepare the curriculum and administer them to higher secondary schoolers over eight months of virtual classes. Subjects covered include Legal Reasoning, Logical Aptitude, General Knowledge, English and Mathematics. The programme hopes to play a transformative role in the individual lives of law aspirants, but also benefit their communities.  At the same time, it offers a vital socio-cultural exposure for law school students.

The collaboration between LHSS and the Eklavya Foundation represents a significant step towards promoting equal access to legal education. By providing free coaching to aspiring law students from underprivileged backgrounds, we aim to level the playing field and empower deserving individuals to pursue their dreams. Join us in this noble endeavor and let us together make a lasting impact on the lives of those who strive for excellence in the field of law.

If you aspire to pursue a legal career and need guidance to crack the CLAT, we invite you to join our initiative. Our coaching program is open to all individuals from underprivileged backgrounds who demonstrate a genuine passion for law and a commitment to their education. Together, we can overcome barriers and unlock the doors to a brighter future.

Student Volunteer Teachers

1.     Siddhant Shinde

2.     Harshita Sharma

3.     Samruddhi Nanoskar

4.     Urja Vashishth

5.     Maitrayee

6.     Srushti Wankhede

7.     Shrushti Gawande

8.     Shubham Jagtap

9.     Prasanna Bhalerao

10.  Monika Saini

11.  Saif Maner

12.  Gauri Baviskar

13.  Arnav Sinha

14.  Siddhi Indoria

15.  Taher Hussain

16.  Ekam Khera

17.  Arnav Sinha

18.  Shruti Shardul

Student Volunteer Course Designer Team

1.     Harshita Sharma

2.     Nilotpal Singh

3.     Tania Bagwe 

4.     Shubham Jagtap

5.     Urja Vashishth

6.     Sameep Baral

7.     Dev Jhunjhunwala

8.     Lavanya Sehgal

9.     Shreya Khillare

10.  Saif Firozkhan Maner

11.  Preeti Zalwar

12. Taher Hussain

13.  Rithika Sahni

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